Control Panel : E-Mail Account Management
  1. Login to the control panel with your login information provided with your Welcome email.
  2. Control Panel: E-Mail
    Navigate to the Mailboxes section, which is located under Hosting Features > E-mail on the navigation menu.

    The Mailboxes section provides these controls:
    • Create, edit, and delete mailboxes.
    • Set a disk quota per mailbox and view current disk space usage.
    • Define a single "Copy To" address for all incoming messages.
    • Define a vacation auto-responder message.
  3. Control Panel: Add Mailbox
    To create a new mailbox, use the form at the top of the Mailboxes section.

    Specify the name of the new mailbox. The control panel automatically appends the domain name, so only enter the part of the email address before the @ sign. For example, to create the email address, only type you into the E-mail Address field.

    Enter a Password and then again in the Confirm Password field. Always pick a strong password, preferrably with letters, numbers, at least one symbol, and at least 8 characters in length. Do not use a dictionary word or any information that may be commonly known.

    A Disk Space Quota is highly recommended. If your hosting account has a global disk space quota, then it is important to set mailbox limits so your account does not run out of space due to individual users allowing their email to consume all of the account's storage allotment.

    The Send Copy to field allows all email sent to the account to also be copied to a single valid Internet email address.
  4. Control Panel: Mailbox List
    A list of existing mailboxes is located below the form for adding a new mailbox.

    This list shows an overview of your existing mailboxes and provides links to Edit or Delete each mailbox.
  5. Control Panel: Edit Mailbox
    The Edit link from the mailbox list loads the Edit Mailbox form for a specified mailbox. The Edit Mailbox form provides all the properties of the Add Mailbox form plus additional features that are only useful for existing accounts.

    The Vacation Message is a response that is auto-replied to all incoming emails so senders know that you are unable to respond to your messages at this time. For example, a typical Vacation Message might read:
    I am out of the office until _/_/_. If your issue is time sensitive, please resend your message to
    Note: Be sure the On Vacation setting is set to Yes to use the Vacation Message feature.
  6. Control Panel: Delete Mailbox
    The Delete link from the mailbox list deletes a specified mailbox.

    CAUTION: Mailbox deletion is permanent! All messages stored in the mailbox will be deleted and the users of the mailbox will no longer be able to send or receive email at that address.